Get an Hourglass Figure in less than 60 Seconds

Always wanted a BBL, or just love the way they look? With the Hourglass Shaper 2.0, this is exactly what you can expect. An hourglass figure in 60 seconds without expensive & painful surgery.


Makes that 🍑 pop! 

The combination of the lifting effect from shaper & the hip pads really give you an incredible hourglass look leaving everyone around you saying "WOW!" Unlike getting a BBL, this is safe, affordable and you can CHOOSE when you want to show off, and when you want to. 


Confidence through the roof

With our Hourglass Shaper you will feel more confident and will want to show your curves to everybody! Your friends will be saying "wow when did you get a BBL? It looks amazing!" Not to mention the guys will be fawning over you as you strut by them to collect your free drink from the other guy 😏

Comfortable- It's made from hygroscopic and breathable material, so it can be worn all day without any form of discomfort.

Versatile- It's a perfect shaper for:
- Nights out on the town
- Twerk proof (yes you can twerk in them)
- Brunch with the ladies
- Weddings 
and much, much more.

*This product has (removable) padding in the hip area*